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Miami and Fort Lauderdale Probate Disputes May Be Increasing

Over the past few months, we’ve had a dramatic increase in the number of new will contest and probate litigation inquiries. Florida Probate Law allows a beneficiary or interested party to file a lawsuit or intervene if they contest a will or inheritance.

We’ve handled a variety of South Florida probate disputes, including those involving construction of a trust, will contest in Fort Lauderdale, Undue Influence in Aventura, Trust Administration in Broward, and even actions to Quiet Title in Miami where beneficiaries fought over ownership of property after the parent passed away.

If you need a probate litigation lawyer in Weston, a litigator in Miami for a probate dispute, or a South Florida Trust Litigation Attorney, call us at (954) 515-5000 or (305) 373-0550 for a free consultation.

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