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Cooper City Pedestrians Struck By Car and Hospitalized

COOPER CITY, FL – According to the police, an elderly couple was hospitalized after they were struck by a car in Cooper City Thursday morning. The couple were hit by a green Honda Civic around 9:20 a.m. in the area of Hiatus Road and Sheridan Street, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue transported the man by ground to Memorial Regional Hospital. The woman was taken by BSO Air Rescue. The incident caused the intersection to be closed Thursday morning as officers diverted traffic.

Cooper City fatal car accident

BSO Traffic Homicide investigators are looking into the incident. Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Fatal Fatal Florida pedestrian accidents are common because of the sheer size and weight of a vehicle which comes in contact with an unprotected person. Cars are designed to withstand impacts, even high speed catastrophic impacts. It’s amazing in my practice to see people walk away from mangled cars with blown out windows with mere whiplash injuries. Pedestrians are often not so lucky, with fractures, road rash, lacerations, head trauma, brain injuries, and even accidental death. Pedestrian Accidents in Florida – Who Pays? Florida’s No-Fault Law generally applies to pedestrian car accidents. This means that if the pedestrian owns a vehicle or lives with a relative who owns a motor vehicle, that vehicle’s Personal Injury Protection benefits may apply to the pedestrian’s medical bills, even if another car was at fault. The at-fault driver and/or owner’s insurance should cover the balance that PIP didn’t pay and possibly pain and suffering. If you were the victim of a pedestrian accident in Cooper City, or were struck by a car in Florida and need a FL car accident lawyer, call a Cooper City car accident lawyer today for a free consultation at 954-515-5000.

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