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Advantages of Having a Florida Life Insurance Interpleader Lawyer

Interpleader cases are on the rise today where there are disputes over benefits involved in life insurance policies. When an insured person wishes to change the beneficiaries or was divorced, there is a p...

Our office has seen a significant increase in Florida pressure cooker injury claims over the past year.

Florida’s slip and fall law may allow you to get paid money if you are injured on someone else’s property. If they were negligent or contributed to the fall

Florida law may impose liability on those who serve alcohol to minors and alcoholics. Many people do not know this. It is the Florida dram shop act.

Two children were injured after they fell from a window in North Miami Beach, Florida at the Harvard House Apartments.

The Sun Sentinel published an article about a St. Lucie, Florida man who was arrested after finding several minor children drinking alcohol at his house.

I’ve seen an increased number of Florida life insurance denial and life insurance payment delay case inquiries lately.

If you are injured in a slip and fall in Florida, here are some tips: Report the incident to an employee or manager Ask for a copy of the incident report

Death and dying – two scary words. When we think of death and dying, we often think about the fear of being without loved ones, pain, emotional suffering

If you are involved in a car accident in Florida, here are some things to keep in mind: Call the police to report the accident. Get medical attention if hurt

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