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Fatal Car Accident in Miami Kills Two Teenagers

A few years ago, we posted about a fatal car accident in Miami on the 836 closed traffic in both directions after a teenage driver lost control and slammed into the median. Police say the girl was speeding in a green Saturn around 2:30 a.m. The car split in half and sent one of the passengers across the roadway while still strapped to her seat, according to the police. The names of the victims involved in a fatal car crash that occurred on 17th avenue of the Dolphin Expressway have been released.

Miami fatal car accident

Police say driver Alejandra Maria Gomez, 17, and front passenger Jenifer Garcia, 18, died on impact. The rear passenger, Tatiana Davila, was sent to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson in critical condition. Florida fatal car accidents destroy not just the lives of those in the accident, but also the family members and friends who lost their loved one. If this girl was speeding at 2:30 in the morning with passengers in her car, she put the lives of those in her car and other innocent drivers in danger. Once the criminal investigation is concluded, a traffic homicide will generally be available to explain their findings and conclusions as to how the accident occurred. Another investigation should immediately start: the civil claim for wrongful death. The Florida Wrongful Death Case There are several insurance policies and procedures which may take place immediately after a fatal car accident in Florida. If the deceased passenger had her own car or lived with a relative who owned a car, there may be a $5,000.00 death benefit available to help cover funeral expenses. If she had AAA, there could be a life insurance policy. She could have another life insurance policy which would apply. The at-fault driver’s liability insurance should pay the full policy limit, as well as the insurance of the vehicle owner if different. If the deceased passenger had UM or UIM coverage on any of her own vehicles or that of a resident relative, that insurance may also apply. There could be other coverages which apply here too. The Probate Case for a Florida Wrongful Death When someone dies in Florida in a car accident, an estate may be required in order to process the settlement proceeds or to bring a claim in Court for the wrongful death. It is important to work with a Florida wrongful death attorney who understands the probate process, as well as a probate attorney who understands the Wrongful Death Act in FL. For more information on how to bring a claim in Florida for a wrongful death following a fatal car accident, feel free to contact us at 800-337-7755 or submit your case information online.

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