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Florida Life Insurance Disputes: When to hire an attorney and when to make a claim

I’ve seen an increased number of Florida life insurance denial and life insurance payment delay case inquiries lately. There are several reasons why Florida life insurance companies don’t pay life insurance claims right away:

  • They are waiting on proof of death, like a death certificate

  • The life insurance company needs a claim form properly completed

  • The insured person died within two years of the policy becoming effective and they are investigating the application and claim

  • There is a material misrepresentation on the life insurance application

  • The policy was cancelled because the premium was not paid

  • Many other reasons

florida life insurance attorney

Two year incontestability clause Generally, if the named insured dies after two years from the date the policy was effective, the insurance company has to pay the Florida life insurance benefits claim if the policy was in effect. If the person dies within two years of completing the application and the policy becoming effective, the life insurance company if Florida can challenge or contest the claim. When a life insurance company contests a life insurance claim within the two year period, they typically look for misrepresentations on the insurance application. If a person said they had no prior heart conditions, for example, but their medical records prior to the application showed significant heart problems, this could be grounds to void the policy.

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There are ways to win the life insurance claim. If the life insurance company acts in bad faith, or if the misrepresentation wasn’t material or wouldn’t have changed the premium or the underwriting guidelines, then coverage may be afforded. We’ve handled cases where the premiums were paid, but the Florida life insurance company misapplied the premiums. We’ve handled life insurance cases where a Panama City insured tried to change the beneficiary on his life insurance policy just 24 hours before he died. Some other cases we may handle include:

  • Life insurance claim delays

  • Misapplication of life insurance premium payments

  • Change of beneficiary contests

  • Application misrepresentations which may not be material

  • Policy application disputes

  • Two year contestability denials

  • many others

Free consultation If you have a question about a life insurance claim delay or denial anywhere in Florida, New York or Washington DC, or your claim involves a company that does business in Florida, New York or Washington DC, call me, a Florida life insurance attorney, for a free consultation at 800-337-7755 or submit your life insurance dispute question or case information online. Florida life insurance lawyers Whether you need a Miami life insurance denial attorney, a Weston life insurance claim lawyer, a Fort Lauderdale life annuity dispute attorney, West Palm Beach whole life policy dispute lawfirm, or a life insurance attorney in Boca Raton, Pinecrest, Coral Springs, Orlando, Tampa, Cooper City, Plantation, Davie, Southwest Ranches, or New York City, call me for a free consultation.

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