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Two children injured in fall from apartment in North Miami Beach

Two children were injured after they fell from a window in North Miami Beach, Florida at the Harvard House Apartments. We reported on this a few years ago. Both children were transported to the emergency room at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

North Miami Beach balcony accident

Balcony and window falls can be deadly and can cause significant injuries. Florida law governs balcony and apartment window construction in part. There are specific requirements which apartment complexes must often follow to protect the safety of the apartment tenants and their guests. If they fail to comply with the Florida Building Code, local codes and other statutes, the apartment complex owners and property managers can be held legally responsible for the personal injury. As a personal injury attorney handling cases in North Miami Beach, I’ve handled many injury cases involving apartment windows and balconies, from falls from balconies to windows slamming shut and amputating fingers. Apartment complex owners should know of the law and the requirement that they should properly maintain their balconies and windows. Example of a balcony accident in Hollywood, Florida In one recent case, a client went onto his balcony and the railing gave way. He fell two stories to the ground. The apartment complex initially denied the case and ignored our representation letters. Through our investigation, we proved that the balconies violated several provisions of the Florida Building Code, including the fact that the railings were not properly secured. When compared with other railings in the complex, we found that most were cemented into the concrete base, but they failed to cement the railings on the balcony where our client was injured. The “mistake” cost the apartment complex and the case was resolved at mediation. If you are injured in a balcony or window accident, a proper inspection by an engineer may reveal that the complex was negligent and failed to properly maintain their property. If they were negligent, then they may be held responsible to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering and other damages. For questions on balcony accidents or an accident claim in North Miami Beach, feel free to call us at 954-515-5000 or submit your question online.

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